[thelist] Portal architectures

Chris George cgeorge at basecorp.com
Thu Dec 9 12:29:50 CST 2004

>   ok, so I've been asked to look at a few for a window 
> environment and with asp.net development. Sharepoint -- 
> expensive, and maybe overkill for an office of about 300 people. 
> I was thinking asp.net nuke, but then I heard of one I don't 
> know very much about -- iBuySpy? Any others I should be 
> researching? ASP.NET Forums?

We use both SharePoint and iBuySpy, internally and externally

To debunk the overkill thing, we are <10 people, and conversely, we use
iBuySpy for a couple thousand users.

SharePoint: works almost 100% perfectly out of the box, for our needs.
Ymmv. 'cept I _HATE_ (yes, I shouted) using FrontPage to mod the themes.

iBuySpy: great fundamental starting point to create large portal apps.

Good luck!


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