[thelist] Project Management Recommendations

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Sat Dec 11 04:00:24 CST 2004

Hello Everyone:

   I read through the previous threads on project management software 
but really didn't find what I was looking for, so I'm asking again.

   I'm looking for a project management solution that has a customizable 
client section (where the client can login and view updates on their 
projects).  The other thing that I need that I haven't found yet is 
email server integration so that emails to the manager <--> client are 
logged into the system.  I checked on a few PHP-based systems, found 
just one that had email integration, but its lacking in other features 
that I need.

   Other "usual" stuff -- departments/users/access control/file 
upload/download/task assignments/logging/reporting/history, etc.

   This is for an architecture firm, so if there is anything 
industry-specific that would be a great help.  I'm trying to evaluate 
existing solutions before I try and write something from scratch.  My 
experience in project management software is limited to solutions 
dedicated to programming project management.

  Any pointers would be helpful.

Burhan Khalid

I'm using a new mail client, so please let me know if the mail messages 
are not readable, improperly formatted, etc.  They should be sending in 
plain text.

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