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Message from Burhan Khalid (12/11/2004 06:00 AM)
>Hello Everyone:
>   I read through the previous threads on project management software but 
> really didn't find what I was looking for, so I'm asking again.
>   This is for an architecture firm, so if there is anything 
> industry-specific that would be a great help.

When I read this one thing that rang a bell was a company in Boston called 
Collaborative Structures. Back in the late 90's they had quite a 
revolutionary (at the time) product along those lines, for the construction 

I managed to dig up one old document with some info 
-http://www.extranetnews.com/1999_Issues/25_aug.htm, but I'm not sure where 
they are now, probably didn't survive the dot bomb.

...Actually, a bit more googling turned up "e-Builder Acquires 
Collaborative Structures and Announces New Services" - 

Which lead me to http://www.e-builder.net/


>   I'm trying to evaluate existing solutions before I try and write 
> something from scratch.  My experience in project management software is 
> limited to solutions dedicated to programming project management.
>  Any pointers would be helpful.
>Burhan Khalid
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