[thelist] RE: IE acting crazy

Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 12 02:42:10 CST 2004

When I upload an artwork from my computer via
Picasa/Hello to my Art Test Explosion blogspot site,
Hello displays the result to me via Internet Explorer
as the default browser.

Today, for some bizarre reason, when I view the
uploaded art, the piece is not what I uploaded, it's
some stupid image, often not even an artwork by me,
but some photo I used for a client's blog.

When I close out of IE and view the A.T.E. site with
Foxfire, the correct image is there.

When I go back to IE, the wrong image is there. Once,
when I refreshed the page on IE, the correct image was
displayed. But for another image, when I refreshed the
page, IE still stubbornly displayed the wrong image.

I've left it alone for now.

If you go to www.arttestexplosion.blogspot.com with
IE, the second image will be military photo.

If you go there with Foxfire, you'll see the correct
artwork "idee fixe", abstract image.

This has never happened before. It's been happening
all day. I finally give up. Have no idea what to do.

How could one browser show the correct image, but
another browser show a different image?

I can't even begin to understand it.

Steven Streight
Web Usability Analyst/Content Writer

EMAIL: vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com

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