[thelist] RE: IE acting crazy

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Sun Dec 12 09:53:21 CST 2004

Sounds like cache problem / setting on your web host.
Robert Vreeland
Managing Partner
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> When I upload an artwork from my computer via
> Picasa/Hello to my Art Test Explosion blogspot site,
> Hello displays the result to me via Internet Explorer
> as the default browser.
> Today, for some bizarre reason, when I view the
> uploaded art, the piece is not what I uploaded, it's
> some stupid image, often not even an artwork by me,
> but some photo I used for a client's blog.
> When I close out of IE and view the A.T.E. site with
> Foxfire, the correct image is there.
> When I go back to IE, the wrong image is there. Once,
> when I refreshed the page on IE, the correct image was
> displayed. But for another image, when I refreshed the
> page, IE still stubbornly displayed the wrong image.
> I've left it alone for now.
> If you go to www.arttestexplosion.blogspot.com with
> IE, the second image will be military photo.
> If you go there with Foxfire, you'll see the correct
> artwork "idee fixe", abstract image.
> This has never happened before. It's been happening
> all day. I finally give up. Have no idea what to do.
> How could one browser show the correct image, but
> another browser show a different image?
> I can't even begin to understand it.
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