[thelist] RE: How to Talk Down to the Client

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Sun Dec 12 17:12:57 CST 2004

chris hardy wrote:

>But a few of my clients have begun relying on me for 
>>more and more technical support, sometimes well outside the 
>>scope of web development. I've been pondering just how to 
>>structure a definition of my services for my site and where 
>>I'll personally draw the line on what I'll do. (Or if I 
>>should hire someone who's better with networking and hardware 
>>issues, and branch out a bit. *G*) 
>It depends upon what you enjoy doing. If you prefer web work, you might find
>that building an alliance with a service contractor can be more lucrative -
>because chances are they get calls for websites. 

ahh - good idea. some people here in brighton do exactly the same. ive 
been thinking of getting out this business for a while, so offering 
myself up as a contractor looks like the ticket

best wishes

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