[thelist] bad css in IE? help please...

Steve Clason stevec at topdogstrategy.com
Sun Dec 12 21:37:29 CST 2004

On 12/12/2004 7:24 PM Viveka Weiley wrote:

> I'm just wondering why http://www.karmanaut.com/clients/capegallery/
> looks just as I'd expect it to in Firefox, but utterly wrong in IE6.
> Have I missed an end tag, screwed up an important declaration, or is
> IE really this bad?

Hi Viveka,

You have this:

body {
     background-color: #FAF8EB;
     background-image: url("images/bg1.gif");
     background-repeat: repeat-x;
     background-attachment: fixed;
     font-family:Verdana,"Bitstream Vera 
     font-size: .85em;
     letter-spacing: 0px;//don't steal sheep
     color: #000000;

The comment after "letter spacing" uses improper syntax and seems to 
confuse IE. Either delete it or use "/* insert comment */" if you really 
want to warn people not to steal sheep.
Steve Clason
Web Design and Development
Boulder, Colorado, USA

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