[thelist] UPS or Fedex?

Bret Daniel BDaniel at Chemnavigator.com
Thu Dec 16 15:07:46 CST 2004

Both are good, as long as you have consistent shipments... From my records,
the dicounts i get for overseas and domestic (USA) are cheaper using FedEx
(mostly nextday).  If you are not going to ship 2nd Day or Overnight... then
UPS ground may be the way to go. (FedEx had ground service as well... not
sure on the rates)

Both have shipment calculators... you could try both and see which suits you

FedEx's online shipping interface is far superior (in terms of ease of use)
than the UPS counterpart.

UPS requires a lot more fields to be entered and generate PDFs, etc... more
cumbersome, but manageable.

However, if you get to the point where you dont ship 4 days a week, Fed Ex
will call you and complain and threaten to stop thier pickup service because
the driver has to spend 3.2 minutes to stop...  total BS..

I have been seeing the commercials with the DHL trucks, and I might explore
that one as well


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Hi, all

This is a little bit off the usual track. I will be shipping 5 to 20 boxes 
of computers and/or peripherals per day. Insurance and priority shipping are

not an issue. Packing materials, shipping costs, and pick are. All will be 
inside the USA.

>From your experiences, which is better, UPS or Fedex? Why?



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