[thelist] RE: Strategic Advertising

Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 21:43:48 CST 2004

Like M. Seyon, I'll be direct about this site "Hit

I can't make any sense out of it. The typos,
incorrectly spelled words, dense paragraphs,
mysterious navbar links ("Files"), the vague rambling
about nebulous non-topics, etc. make me feel rather
drowsy and uninspired to pursue whatever this murky
site has to offer anybody.

Even "Music" link in top navbar merely led to numbered
list of legalistic restrictions the user must agree
to, but no indication of what kind of music was
available: techno? rock? avant garde? jazz? classical?

The "delirious" mode of speculations clashes with any
serious attempt to grab the user's attention and
present a clear benefit to spending time here.

You do know that there are perhaps 5 million blogs and
maybe 30 to 50 million web sites, mailing lists, and
chat rooms?

You don't have a chance in hell of standing out and
gaining any loyal long-term users, with this kind of
content and organization.

Put your whatever is causing your mind to be fuzzy
down and roll up your sleeves and do some serious
thinking and work.

Best wishes,  

Steven Streight
Web Usability Analyst/Content Writer

EMAIL: vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com

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