SV: [thelist] onScroll event?

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at
Tue Dec 21 07:43:20 CST 2004

Yes, but from what I understand, that's just a dropshadow for images (or
other block like displays), I want it on text, on each individual


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Ämne: Re: [thelist] onScroll event?

Andreas Wahlin wrote:

>Is there some way to detect when you scroll an element?
>Scenario is that I want dropshadow on the text of a div, so I just put
>in another div with a slight offset and ... drop shadow!
>Now, if the text in that div is large, there be scrollbars, and if
>clicked, the div obviously scrolls the text, leaving the dropshadow
>It could of course be solved by firing a setInterval and checknig the
>scrollTop attribute on the text div, and then apply that to the
>dropshadow div, but it would be nice to have a onScroll event or
>something .
> had some articles about CSS dropshadows. It seems to me 
that you  might be overcomplicating things. I don't really know how 
scrolling would leave the shadow layer behind.


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