[thelist] Total separation of content and presentation

Ellen Kanner ellen.t.kanner at Dartmouth.EDU
Tue Dec 21 08:01:48 CST 2004


We're looking for someone who has experience designing a layout that 
has _all_ of its positioning in CSS sheets, and none in the HTML code.

That means that there would be no divs in the HTML that act as column 
containers. This is a common method for "tableless design," but it 
simply replaces tables with divs to structure the columns. Less code, 
but the column contents are still coded in HTML.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to reposition any module of content 
(surrounded by a div) anywhere in the page, in any column, in any order 
... and still have flexible design :) That way, content (semantics) and 
presentation are completely separated.

We've been searching far and wide without (complete) success, and it 
may not be possible. But, before we give in and use divs instead of 
tables, we thought we'd ask if anyone has worked on this.

Can you help?

-Web Publishing Services


Good question, weak answer:

A  compromise solution with container divs:

Replacing the tables for the sake of the task seems pointless if the 
markup is still not semantic.

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