[thelist] Total separation of content and presentation

Rosalie Sennett rsennett at brainlink.com
Tue Dec 21 09:59:20 CST 2004

Since the original question asked for no DIV usage, but then you talk about
positioning content that is within the DIV I'm confused too...

However, this little bit of info may help.

<DIV> will contain stuff and can be acted upon using 'block' elements

<SPAN> will allow you to style (but not position) stuff without altering the
positioning. It acts as an 'inline' element.

CSS can only manipulate objects within HTML. It doesn't have containers of
it's own. So a 'pure' CSS design MUST use DIV or SPAN or both since you need
some kind of tag to apply the CSS to.

Practical sense will tell you too... that once in a while you've got to
throw in a table here and there to avoid excessive coding of positioning. I
try not to use them, but once in a while you just have to for 'interior'
positioning of something like mixed text and form elements that need to
align by type.

Best of luck,



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> > We've been searching far and wide without (complete) success, and it may
> > not be possible. But, before we give in and use divs instead of tables,
> > we thought we'd ask if anyone has worked on this.
> >
> > Can you help?
> CSS can only position elements on a page.  usually you group a number of
> paragraph elements in a div and position that.
> I'm not sure I'm clear on how you plan to position groups of elements
> without using divs.  I'm also unclear as to why you'd want to do this?
> a simply structured html document:
> <div id="header"></div>
> <div id="nav"></div>
> <div id="content"></div>
> <div id="footer"></div>
> makes more sense than trying to layout individual paragraphs, links and
> lists.
> perhaps you could explain in more detail what you hope to acheive?
> ;o)
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