SV: [thelist] onScroll event?

Christian Heilmann lists at
Tue Dec 21 11:22:40 CST 2004

Rosalie Sennett wrote:

>Well... since there is no 'drop-shadow' in css you are kind of stuck with
>block positioning the thing that contains your shadow so that it is behind,
>below and to the right of your main text.
>It is likely... the fact that drop shadow on anything longer than a heading
>is hard to read (and also why it is only used on large font) that you'll
>never see a drop-shadow added to css!
>Basically you must lock down the box that will have the scrollbar.
>Then you must lock the text to the shadow...
>If you google around, you'll see that most people are going to try to find a
>programmatic way to do that... since, as you said, with css it isn't very
Doubling the amount of content in the HTML for a visual effect is newer 
a winner idea.
I played with the same problem a long time ago and came up with a small 
script to do that:


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