[thelist] Total separation of content and presentation

Alex Farran alex at alexfarran.com
Tue Dec 21 12:40:47 CST 2004

Tony Crockford writes:

> have you thought this through?  the source order affects the
> presentation  unless you make all the divs absolutely positioned, in
> which case the  content might over-run.

> I don't understand why you'd have thousands of pages to modify?

> surely you should be using a few html templates, some CSS style sheets
> and  a database to hold the content.

That would be my approach.

If that doesn't quite match Ellen's needs then she might want to
consider investigating XML and XSL.  The data can be held as XML files
and styled with XSL stylesheets.  Using XML you can have a purely
semantic representation of your data, with your own custom tags.  An
XSL stylesheet transforms the structure of your document into XHTML
which is sent to the browser along with a CSS stylesheet.


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