[thelist] database to create/maintain form, and record submissions

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Dec 21 17:08:53 CST 2004

Having a mental block about this:

I need to create an order form (marketing supplies for inhouse sales
reps) which can be edited by end users (it's all inhouse, and I'll be
able to train them.) The form currently has about a dozen sections, with
less than dozen items in each section. They need to be able to sort the
items in whatever order strikes Marketing's fancy.

I assume the best method would be to database the section and field
create an editable sort order, and give them a form to add or modify it.

On the other end, we need to maintain a record of individual orders,
writing to the db the values for each item, and linking it to our main
HelpDesk database (using the unique ID from that database.)

Finally, if someone needs to update a request, the existing data should
populate the form, allowing additions, modifications, or deletions, and
resubmission using the same ID.

Here's what I envision, and it seems a little kludgy:

	Item (items are unique, so this is a many to one relationship)
	WO_NUM (this is the unique ID from the HelpDesk database)

The form admins could add, modify, or disable form sections, fields, and

Individual orders would be tracked by the unique ID from the other
which would be repeated for each item in the table SupplyOrders; not
'normal', but not a huge waste of space in this case.

The form would be built from the Sections and Items tables, and the
version of the form would be built from that table, and populated from
SupplyOrders table based on the WO_NUM field. For each field in the
Sections/Items cross, if a matching 'Item' was found in 'SupplyOrders'
value would be written. That way, going forward, if new fields are
they'll just be blank for old orders. If a field is disabled, they'd
have to
decide if that affected only the 'new orders' form, or would be retro to
'updates' form, effectively deleting those items from availibility.

Am I missing something which would make this all simpler? Does it all

Thanks ever so much


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