[thelist] JavaScript - searching for link and comparing

Christian Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Tue Dec 21 17:49:26 CST 2004

>Basically, these last three declarations say: apply this styling only
>to the list item ID specified, provided it is preceded in the document
>heirarchy by an element with the first-listed ID, which is our body
>tag ID. If the ID specified is NOT preceded by the first-listed ID,
>then the styling will not apply. Therefore, we have effectively
>created conditional styling based on the current page.
>Now, all you have to do is correctly ID the body tags of your pages.
>Make sense?
Yes and no. It is a beautiful use of CSS, and at the same time 
advertises bad usability and accessibility. The currrent page should 
never be a link and  link to itself, therefore making a highlight CSS 
only is as bad as making it dependent on scripting or plugins.

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