[thelist] CSS: Don't understand how floats are supposed to work.

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Dec 21 19:40:26 CST 2004

Message from Rosalie Sennett (12/21/2004 08:22 PM)

>What I found, is that in foxfire and netscape, your table extends past the
>boundries of the Content container... which ends right at the bottom of
>where your footer is in the mid point of the page.
>I'm honestly not sure what's going on there...
>But that is what is happening... forget the float and clear. That is a red

Agreed. Nothing to do with float or clear. The solution is a lot more obvious.

Here's the problem:
#Content {
         clear: both;
         font: 10pt Tahoma;
         ****height: 300px;****
         padding-top: 5px;
         text-align: left;
         width: 660px;

Firefox is creating the #Content div as a 300 pixel tall container and 
rendering the next element in the document flow immediately after. Doesn't 
matter that the content is actually longer than the specified height.

Remove that line and you're good to go.


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