[thelist] IE Headaches (Table/Image layout) + CSS

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Mon Dec 27 08:00:17 CST 2004

Hello Everyone:

   This is the offending page :


   I've been struggling with IE for two hours and just cannot solve this 
problem.  This is a layout made by a designer who thinks that knowing 
HTML is "programming" -- which he stated very loudly that he does not do.

   The layout is for a Drupal website.  The problem is with the left 
column's curved backgrounds.  I just cannot get the image on the top 
right and bottom right to align to the right now matter what I do.  In 
Firefox, everything displays fine (as always).

   Any suggestions please?  This is really giving me a bad headache :(


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