[thelist] IE Headaches (Table/Image layout) + CSS

Rosalie Sennett rsennett at brainlink.com
Mon Dec 27 09:55:18 CST 2004


You can tell your designer that the proper format for those background
shapes is .gif (incidentally)

As far as the misbehaving repeating background...

That background (on both sides) is being set using CSS shorthand in the <TD>
tag. The css is overly complex... the image fits in that cell like a
glove... so you don't need a background color or a width notation and if you
just put the background in the TD tag, you don't need repeat or alignment or
whatever that 50% is pointing to... (I don't know my shorthand as well as I

So get rid of the style tag (since this is not how the rest of them are set
up) and just set the background for the <TD> to the image. The repeat is
done automagically.

Tested in IE6 Foxfire and Netscape7

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> Hello Everyone:
>    This is the offending page :
>    http://www.meidomus.com/pays/PAYS.htm
>    I've been struggling with IE for two hours and just cannot solve this
> problem.  This is a layout made by a designer who thinks that knowing
> HTML is "programming" -- which he stated very loudly that he does not do.
>    The layout is for a Drupal website.  The problem is with the left
> column's curved backgrounds.  I just cannot get the image on the top
> right and bottom right to align to the right now matter what I do.  In
> Firefox, everything displays fine (as always).
>    Any suggestions please?  This is really giving me a bad headache :(
> Regards,
> Burhan
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