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On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 10:44:41 -0800, Joel D Canfield <joel at> wrote:
> > Designers, IMO, should have a good
> > understanding of HTML and CSS so that they can keep the
> > limitations of HTML
> > and CSS presentation in mind when they design pages.
> Meself, I'd rather work with a brilliant designer who'd never even
> *heard* of HTML and CSS, so they wouldn't fall into the trap of
> designing around limitations, but force me to figger out how to create
> their 'impossible' design.


Someone posted this to thelist not too long ago. Interesting article:

Excuse the rather long quote:

"Rather than focusing on producing the visuals I had worked through in
my sketches, I was trying to see how I could incorporate CSS into the
site's build. Some of you might work this way to great success, but
for me it was like shooting myself in the foot. It's easy for me to
get hung up on what is possible and the technical limitations of
something like CSS or Flash while I am designing. I prefer to have a
much more open thinking process so that I can blow out the design. If
I need to lasso it in a little later because I am unable to get an
effect to work in CSS or because of some other technical limitation,
so be it. But before that, I would like to create the best design I
can. Not create the best CSS design or Flash design. The programs and
the code are just the means to convey my message. I find that when I
create, free of the means to the end of my design, things that I
originally didn't think were possible become new challenges to
discover and I find the ways to create them. This is how new ideas and
innovations happen."

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