[thelist] CSS rounded borders in IE/Win problem

Rosalie Sennett rsennett at brainlink.com
Tue Dec 28 18:09:55 CST 2004

The problem is not really the alignment mis-tagging issues in the CSS. The
symptom of the problem is the </LI> tags which are sometimes used to close
an <LI> and sometimes not.

According the HTML 4.01 spec (and prior) the </LI> tag is optional. 

THIS is the problem. How does each browser handle the effect of the </LI>? 


So if you want to nest... you've got to use it consistently. Which unclosed
</LI> are those last </LI> tags closing? IE is probably asking the very same

Closing them all makes an even bigger mess.

So I think what I'd do, is simplify the process, by making an open grid with
my <div> tags... then physically putting one of the corner img files in the
<div> and float it... and then put the other in the background of the div...

In other words... go for a  box within a box, but do not rely on the spacing
in the interior box... lay everything out along the interior border of the
outside box... let dead air float inbetween the boxes.

Problemo avoided (if not solved!)



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> thelist,
> I am having a problem with rounded borders using the background-image
> method in IE on Windows. I'm really not sure what the problem is, but
> I think I have it narrowed down to *where* the problem is. See a
> simplified template here:
> http://mwarden.f2o.org/test/navproblem.htm
> As you can see, on IE, the right and left border extends further than it
> should.
> At first I thought it might be a default z-index difference in IE, but
> adding a border to UL id'd as "navlist" gets rid of this extension:
> http://mwarden.f2o.org/test/navproblem_border.htm
> which really doesn't make any sense to me.
> The CSS can be found here:
> http://mwarden.f2o.org/test/simplifiedstyle.css
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
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