[thelist] Resources for Web Usage Stats

Rosalie Sennett rsennett at brainlink.com
Thu Dec 30 15:05:16 CST 2004


Years ago I was asked the same question...

And what I did was to start to look at the numbers for our own site and see
how they were changing... (first) once I could see a few trends, I started
sharing these numbers with the executives, on a regular basis.

They forgot all about comparing us to other sites (because you're right,
there are zillions of factors that will impact the 'average').

You also may want to find out what article or study the powers that be read
that inspired the question in the first place...

And follow up by finding articles that talk about how people use the
measurements and what good they are...(or not).


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> Wondering if anyone has any great directions to point me in?
> Looking for baseline numbers on typical Average Visit Length and Page
> Views Per Visit for a typical web user.
> I know that these numbers all depend on industry and the type of website,
> but the 'powers that be' asked, so we're looking into it.  Ideally, I
> think we should measure against ourselves, but wondered if these stats
> actually exist anywhere, because I haven't been able to locate any hard
> numbers.
> Free is ideal, but if there are paid resources out there, it's probably
> good to know about those as well.
> Thanks in advance - and Happy New Year!
> Janet Nabring-Stager
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