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Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Dec 30 20:33:23 CST 2004

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: Scott
: > > A cooleague informed me that by merely opening the
: > Global.asa file and
: > > making no changes one would precipitate an IIS restart. I'm having
: > > problems
: >
: > Im my experience, it's the timestamp that matters....
: Would you mind enlarging upon this slightly, please?
: Thanks!
: Regards
: Chris Marsh

I'm not 100% sure what Scott means, so I may be wrong in my analysis, but the
file timestamp is irrelevant AFAIK. IIS is notified of global.asa changes via
the Windows file change notification system. This causes IIS to recycle the
ASP application. The important thing is whether IIS receives the file-change
notification not the timestamp on the global.asa file - IIS never looks at
the properties of the global.asa file.


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