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Mark Groen markgroen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 17:00:37 CST 2004

On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 20:02:06 +0000, Help Center Live - Mike <> wrote:
> Ahh.. I don't believe this, someone has informed me of someone else
> claiming my software as their own. Thats two cases in a week.
> http://www.markettalker.com

> I would most like to know what their website says. I ran it though
> google on french and spanish but it didn't change.

Try Portuguese:

In the days of today, in any branch of business (and with majority of
reason in the E-COMMERCE), the marketing relacional became one of the
aspects cruciais for the diferenciação between the diverse companies,
becoming more competitive those that will have bigger capacity of
satisfy quickly the needs, desejos and aspirations of his clients.

It was it think of this present reality of the market and in the
levels of demand of the client, that to MarketWare (www.marketware.pt)
conceived and developed a service that permits to the companies to
personalização of the relationship with the visitors of the WebSite,
marking the difference by the capacity of clear all the doubts in real
time and by the reliability and fidelity that promotes joined of the
clients.  Treats-itself of the MarketTalk that consists of a system of
Web CRM and of Live Chat that is it revolutionize the On-line market
in Portugal and it mark the difference in the sector.

Através of the MarketTalk can direct his clients for the contents that
interest him simply by the sendning of the URL directamente for the
browser of the client, doing appear automatically the page that is
going to be shown.  Several saints the advantages that are associated
to this system, nomeadamente the possibility of captivate clients
offering value increased in the trial of communication, that many of
the times is a distant and cold trial, clear all the doubts in real
time, draw the profile of the utilizador, accompany to each moment the
visits efectuadas to the WebSite, percepcionando which, how many,
where are and which the journey performed by the theThat are it use,
the respective one browser, as well like to each moment possess
information about of its origin (IP, Net, Institution).  The system is
grossly able insurance being to the communication establish himself
através of a conduit SSL (certified by the VeriSign).

not perfect, that's just what spit out the translator at:



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