[thelist] [PHP] Classes to ease creating admin areas

Patrick Mineault flashcoders at 5etdemi.com
Sat Jan 1 03:26:35 CST 2005

I've been using PHP for a while now and am proficient at it. I've 
recently started getting more and more contracts involving PHP and been 
asked to do admin areas for things like updating news on a site or 
keeping boring database stuff updated.

I've done a few of these admin areas by hand, but that takes a while, so 
I've gone the lazy way and tried Dreamweaver's server behaviours, which 
tends to make it a bit shorter. The problem is that the DW stuff is 
really aimed at the more simple stuff, and it doesn't scale well for the 
kinds of things I tend to do these days, and I end up writing a lot of 
code and it bores the heck out of me (is there anything more boring than 
database administration ?)

I'm searching for a set of classes that will make this stuff easier for 
me, that could:

- generate a master table with delete/update/create new links
- create AND update a database item on the same page
- generate a form from a few parameters
- validate forms
- work with my own layout and css
- be easy to customize

I don't want to go for full-blown content management systems or 
anything, I mostly do Flash related stuff and niche products so I guess 
there's no quick and dirty solution, but getting a heads up with a few 
helper classes would be great.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Patrick Mineault

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