[thelist] [PHP] Classes to ease creating admin areas

Alliax damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 1 09:34:22 CST 2005

Mike wrote:
 >Just a thought, how about you make a set of classes that does these
 >things then distribute them. It will get you name out and therefore
 >your client base should increase.

Or simply download one of those scripts and change all copyright notes, 
that'll be faster and bring you fame too ;-)

DaDaBIK : http://www.dadabik.org/				

Description: DaDaBIK is a PHP application that allows you to easily 
create a highly customizable front-end for a MySQL database. The 
strength of DaDaBIK lies in its ability of customization. For each field 
of a table you can choose: if the field should be included or not in the 
search/insert/update form; the form label; the content of the field; the 
input type; the possible values, also driven from another table. Other 
features: files uploading, checking for possible duplication during an 
insert, authentication, customizable graphic layout to enable embedding 
of the forms in your own site, export to CSV. Available in English, 
Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish and French.

Appgini PHP Generator For MySQL : http://www.bigprof.com/appgini/	

Description: Instantly create PHP web database applications that let 
users view, sort, search and edit data of a MySQL database easily from a 
single web page. You can customize the look of the generated files using 
CSS. You can define foreign key fields that let you easily create 
dynamic drop down menus that bring their contents from your database 
tables, and insure referential integrity. You can define image fields, 
which store image paths. Image fields display the images automatically 
to users. You can also allow users to upload images and you can set 
limits for image sizes. You have total control over how users can 
interact with data. Using the intuitive graphical interface of AppGini, 
you can create the database and tables without any SQL code. Or if you 
already have an existing database, you can import it to AppGini using 
our add-on wizard: MySQL2AppGini. You can also allow users to save data 
as CSV files compatible with Excel.

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