[thelist] What site builder to use

Adam Pearson addon at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jan 1 19:23:10 CST 2005

Hi all

I.am another newbie and hope my question is not too dumb or irrelevant.

I am an old guy, retired from work, and am having fun exploring a few 
interests.  (Lucky me, eh?)  One of these interests is learning Web 
languages - HTML with CSS, and whatever else one needs to create a lively 
site.  I am really, really keen on learning HTML - why? you ask - well, 
just for the fun of it and the satisfaction of creating something from 
basics.  (I worked for 40 years in the construction industry.)  I have 
already put together a (admittedly quite small and simple) Web site for my 
grand-daughter.  I use Windows XP and have a good amount of high-end 
software but am now on a small pension so can't afford much any more.  I am 
very comfortable with loads of s'ware apps from my previous existence at 
work/in business. Enough background.

My question:

I am creating what will be quite a large site to describe all my interests, 
some of which are extremely detailed and a bit esoteric - for example the 
application of the concepts of complex systems to management - and at the 
same time I want to really learn HTML etc.  (I have Laura Lemay's book and 
finding that very good.)  So I see my choice as being:

1. Use Adobe GoLive (which I have) and ease the site management task
2. Use something like HTML-Kit (which I really like - I love dabbling with 
the nuts and bolts)  and quite possibly run into great difficulties with 
site management.  And quite possibly in time get bored with this HTML nonsense!

(By site management, I mean the ability for example to update links when 
contents are moved around in the various site folders.)

Am I doomed to failure using only HTML-Kit?  Can I use HTML-Kit and GoLive 
somehow in conjunction?  Any other comments/suggestions?

Regards from an Australian/Scot now in the land down under,


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