[thelist] What site builder to use

Alliax damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 1 21:58:20 CST 2005

Well I think HTML Kit is free and Adobe Golive is not, so the choice is 
really quick. Do you know that the standard now is Macromedia 
Dreamweaver (not free) ?
So HTML Kit will do just fine.

And yes you can use many software to edit your HTML.

But.. If you have all that time, check out http://www.drupal.org and 
also its plug ins module nammed HTMLAREA.
Try to install those 2 things on your webserver (needs PHP&Mysql) and 
then go from there.
You might have lots of fun, who knows.

Drupal has a taxonomy stuff that you want to examinate before judging, 
it can be really helpful in your personal site building, it can handle 
complexity in terms of page linking pretty well compares to what you can 
do with a simple HTML editor..

give it a try, bye.

Adam Pearson wrote:
> I am creating what will be quite a large site to describe all my 
> interests, some of which are extremely detailed and a bit esoteric - for 
> example the application of the concepts of complex systems to management 
> - and at the same time I want to really learn HTML etc.  (I have Laura 
> Lemay's book and finding that very good.)  So I see my choice as being:

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