[thelist] What site builder to use

Alliax damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 1 23:29:49 CST 2005

Adam Pearson wrote:
> Thanks for the comment:
> 1. I have Adobe GoLive (see my original post)
I noticed that, but HTML Kit is still free, next golive update won't be.

> 2. I have Dreamweaver (did not mention in my post)
Good for you, it's a standard that manages site construction (FTP and 
links changing)

> 3. I don't have a web server, surely won't need one till I want to 
> launch my site and do not see how Drupal can manage site construction 
> (pages, images, media, links, etc etc) such as I mentioned ... What am I 
> missing ... ?
You will need a web server that's for sure, every web server support now 
PHP, you have to check that your web server allows you at least one 
MySQL table. Drupal is a CMS that means Content Management System, so it 
can handles everything you need, it's just that it's another paradigm 
than creating HTML files. Everything is in the database, so you need to 
be confortable with that.. but you've got time as you said..

Drupal is a most acclamed open source script, double check it, myself 
I've overlooked it because the french translation isn't ready yet and 
I'm into french only sites at the moment (I know I'm stupid, french 
population online is so small compared to english population.. but at 
least french people are most often unknowlegdable in english, so you can 
serve them cold meals ;-) but I will look further into drupal in my 
future sites building, since I don't want to spend time anymore on 
building sites that can be easily build with Drupal.

What I really like about drupal except for all the obvious things is 
that out of the box it doesn't display a copyright footer. Most other 
open source applications should take example from it.


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