[thelist] controlling the back button

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sun Jan 2 05:04:28 CST 2005

I'm sure this has come up many times, and will no doubt cause a kerfuffle.

I'm aware of all the reasons why i shouldn't - googling finds thousands.

my question is how can I, or how best to avoid the need.

I'm building a PHP/MySQL application using data entry forms.  in some  
cases it would be desirable to prevent the user from using the browser  
back button - e.g a part completed form, part updated record. etc.

Could I ask for links to information on:

* best practice for avoiding the need to disable the back button (what  
should I be doing with my data entry design)

* best practice to disable the back button - for those desperately  
important occasions when it's unavoidable.

Happy New Year folks!


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