[thelist] IE Service Pack Updates v Full Browsers

MedStarWriter medstarwriter at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 2 05:58:03 CST 2005

Thank you for responding. Whenever I reinstall Windows Me, it's from the DOS
level. I use a Windows Me startup disk and then the LIST utility
(www.buerg.com) to browse to my installation path on my hard drive where my
WinME CD is backed up in its entirety.


This method helps in the event that my CD drives are not available for some
reason, and it prevents me from having to put the CD in during Windows
Updates or adding new hardware.

I always replace my existing OS, as you suggested, but this does not replace
ALL the files. It replaces most Windows files but may not replace those put
in by other programs. It is not always possible to uninstall IE 6 SP1 or WMP
9 before reinstalling Windows. Read my initial post for a description of
potential problems I face when IE 5.5 overwrites IE 6 SP 1 during the
reinstall. When that happens, I can't always put IE 6 back on there.
Sometimes I have to put IE 5.5 SP2 on there first before IE 6 SP1 will
install again. That's why I asked about the full service pack update (not an
active setup installer) for IE 5.5 SP2 rather than the full browser for IE
5.5 SP2.

Reformatting the hard drive is PRECISELY what I'm trying to avoid. I can't
be doing that every month or every few months. It's too much work, and it
causes activation problems with Norton and other software. It's time I
learned some workarounds for babying Windows Me, since I'm going to be stuck
with it for a while.

P.S. I originally subscribed to thelist using the wrong email address, but
that has been corrected.

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