[thelist] IE Service Pack Updates v Full Browsers

MedStarWriter medstarwriter at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 2 06:03:37 CST 2005

Thank you for the suggestion. I had not considered alternative browsers.
Please indicate a TRUSTED source where I could find more information about
these browsers and download them (without worrying about getting nasties).
Are these browsers freeware or shareware?

Also, I'd be interested in learning about a good shell replacement utility
for Windows Me. Windows Explorer (EXPLORER.EXE) gets corrupted far too
easily, and it is integrated with Internet Explorer (IEXPLORE.EXE). A
freeware option would be preferred, but let me know if there are any good
shareware replacements as well. Thanks.

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Is there a particular reason you're wedded to Internet Explorer? There are
better/faster/smarter browsers out there that won't give you these

Opera or Firefox, for example.


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