[thelist] IE Service Pack Updates v Full Browsers

MedStarWriter medstarwriter at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 2 06:18:02 CST 2005

Ken, thanks for responding. Very much appreciated.

a) You can get IE6 with SP1 from the Microsoft website
--I have the CD from Microsoft. It is backed up to my hard drive for
administrative install.

b) You can attempt to "repair" IE6 rather than uninstalling and reinstalling
--Yes, but that option is not available if IE6 doesn't appear in Add/Remove
Programs. If there are future Windows Updates installed that are post-SP1,
then the repair option may or may not be available and may or may not work.

c) Windows ME includes a "system restore" tool.
--This is usually the first step. Windows cannot always be restored.

d) Windows XP does have an option to use share level access (if you really
want to do it that way). Enable "Simple File Sharing" (most people don't
to do it that way though)
--Thanks for the tip, but that would not be good security. I'll probably
have to pay a technician to come out and reconfigure the network at that

e) When reinstalling Windows ME, I suggest removing the old installation
first, then installing it afresh.
--I always have WinMe setup replace my existing OS, but I can't reformat and
do a clean install every month. That install causes activation problems with
Norton and other software. If I keep calling them up every month or every
few months, they're going to think something bad. I'm using the software
legally per license terms on only one computer, and I'm just trying to do my
best with an unstable operating system.

Keeping two partitions on your hard disk
(eg c: and d:) and keeping all your user files (eg documents, address book,
mail) on the second partition helps immensely here, as you can format the c:
partition without disturbing the d: partition.
--I do one better and keep user files on separate hard drive. I will
consider moving the store folder for my email and address book, but if the
registry gets corrupted, they will still be lost. I use a separate address
book program, and I manually save emails to my hard drive in case OUTLOOK
EXPRESS gets corrupted. Formatting Drive C is not an option unless there is
NO OTHER option. It is a last resort, due to activation issues and the work

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