[thelist] What site builder to use

Val Paliy valeriypaliy at yandex.ru
Sun Jan 2 06:31:29 CST 2005

trleo> Hi all

trleo> I.am another newbie and hope my question is not too dumb or irrelevant.


trleo> Am I doomed to failure using only HTML-Kit?  Can I use HTML-Kit and GoLive
trleo> somehow in conjunction?  Any other comments/suggestions?

I agree with Rose.

My  suggestion  would  be  to  use GoLive while you are still learning, and
switch  to Dreamweaver - I've been into HTML since 1996 and I am happy with
this  application.  It  has many good features, like templates that you can
easily  create  and maintain, server set up and WYSIWYG/code and so on. The
bottom  line  -  use  something simple for learning and switch to something
more professional as you progress.

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