[SPAM] Re: [thelist] CSS expert opinion needed - Target Browsers

Rosalie Sennett rsennett at brainlink.com
Sun Jan 2 13:15:49 CST 2005

Rich said:
> I say let em upgrade!
> I've recently decided that I will not longer code for IE 5x or any
> version of Netscape.  I say this based on these stats
> http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp  I don't think it's
> worth the time and money to code for dying browsers.  Your best bet is
> to do as suggested above and make sure IE 5x and Netscape don't see your
> style sheet.

It all depends on why you're building the site in the first place. The
problem with the "Let them eat cake" concept is that if you're selling
something, the last thing you want is for anyone to see everything stacked
up in a corner and unusable.

The best advice is: "Know your Constituents". If you're building a site that
may very well be visited in a Kiosk (local tourism, restaurant, personal
services) then you need to be considerate of the older browsers and learn
how to hide the style sheet from them, and to make what's left with the
style sheet missing, at least usable. Same rule applies if you want to
consider accessibility. 

In Klute's case, the site is a service to find web design firms. This is a
Business to Business type service. Therefore you need to consider that a
'corporate standard' is likely being invoked regarding what browser someone
uses. This will be IE or Safari and likely a recent version.

If the site was only for other designers... then I think you can go all
Marie Antoinette on them 'cause they should know better. ;-)


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