[thelist] video on the web, how?

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This is a very deep and very wide area... the easiest way to get something
up on to the net and have the most control over the viewing environment is
to use Flash. There are some built in features that allow for different
compression rates. That comes with its own bag of headaches too...

I learned a lot of this by trial and error... but what you need to consider
is what platforms your users have (whether you need to accommodate a mac
community will help you determine your choices for output) and whether it is
a Business to Business audience will determine whether you need varied
compression rates. If you know it is usually going to be someone going to
the web site from their own company site, then don't worry about a low
version. You only need that if you're looking at consumer based stuff.

There is information available for each type of output on the appropriate
site. The best information is actually on the apple quicktime site in
reference to controlling elements on the page... things like auto launch
etc... I don't have time to find you the url, but I'm sure you can. Search
for "HTML"... 

The other thing to do... is to find examples of solutions you like on the
web and peek at the code or send inquiries to the webmaster. Usually people
are happy to tell you what they did...


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> Hey guys! So I've just been given a DVD that has on it a 30 minute
> interview with the CEO of my company and they want me to put this on
> our website.
> The video was recorded from a VHS which was burned onto the DVD.
> My question is, what is the best way to turn this into a web enabled
> format... most likely probably Windows Media file.
> Is there a program that makes ripping easy enough for a high and low
> bandwith versions? What exactly is the best way to encode a high and
> low versions... at what rates?
> Also, any tips for making the link to the video to work as smoothly as
> possible... like force a download, or media player to pop up right way
> or anything?
> Thanks!
> ted
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