[thelist] video on the web, how?

Alliax damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 10 16:49:37 CST 2005

What do you mean ?

Flash is streaming, no problem. What is progressive compares to streaming ?
Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I hope it will be filled by the end 
of this thread.

And I can see only ONE reason to not use flash for video is for RE-USE, 
if you want people to be able to re-use your video, then it's best to go 
for MPEG. (don't know which version of MPEG)


Chris George wrote:
>>I for one second the Macromedia Flash suggestion, why 
>>choosing another format ?
>>Seriously, someone brings ONE reason to choose another format ?
>>I don't see any, flahs plugs ins is even available on Linux, 
>>with its 3% users on my website logs.
> Um, are we talking streaming or progressive?

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