[thelist] popgurls preview

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Sat Jan 15 07:49:38 CST 2005

On 14 Jan 2005 at 23:40, Michele Foster (WizarDev) wrote:
> Looks pretty good.  There sure are a lot of colours being used for the
> different sections, but they blend nicely with each other.  Just not sure
> that infrequent visitors might get confused with all the colour switching
> going on.

there are a lot of colors, but that pink bar is so prominent, i'm 
hoping it minimizes any confusion... again, not my design, but i do 
kinda dig the effect... kinda sugary-sweet... like looking at JPop in 
web form.. sorta...

> Your H1 tags are way too small, imho.  What are they 5% bigger than an h2.
> I think they could be a lot bigger.  about 120% .. but that might just be
> me.

actually, all the headings were originally designed to be the same 
size... for this site, i wasn't so sure that having them all as 
different sizes really mattered too much... the structure/semantic 
meaning is imparted, but my own experience suggests users don't 
really pay attention to the meaning until you get into the h4 and 
on... that's where i start the indents...

besides, according to the design, the h1 is as big as it was spec'd, 
and i certainly can't go much smaller over 5 more levels...

> Why the full justify?  It's going to cause you problems with odd spacing ..

good question... gotta look and see if that was in the design, or 
just me being snarky in the CSS...

> it actually does cause a problem on this page in FF,
> http://roselli.org/popgurls/lust.html.  But it's not just the full justify.

yeah... i see that now... i did up the form last night, so i didn't 
submit it to my full suite of testing (no Mac browsers, no KDE, and 
only viewed on browsers on a win2k laptop... that'll teach me)...

> You need to clear the form so the content doesn't slide up next to the form
> on the left side.  On the same page, I can't read the text under Your Line,
> in either IE or FF.

yep... better fix that i guess...
> Something wrong with your Interviews state, it's not the correct colours for
> your H tags, and isn't showing when it's active.

crap... typo i introduced last night when adding styles for 
<legend>... thanks... should have caught that...

> On the front page, the text on the right, is it really needed.  Makes that
> page look cluttered at 800 imho.  Would just the four boxed areas suffice?

i think that text is necessary, but they should have three boxes 
instead of four... however, not my call...

> I expect the image at the top to be clickable to the interview.  Maybe
> that's just not functionable yet.

good idea... dunno why i didn't do that...

> Font smallness on the contact form too.


> So, do tell .. why tables for layout  :)

why not?

after all, it *is* a valid spec, and it's still accessible... i just 
have less browser issues to tackle, and i can code it faster...

however, i do have a table-less i'm working on for algonquin... i 
could show y'all...

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