[thelist] browser hijacking

Cheryl Ash cheryla at labx.com
Wed Jan 19 11:50:32 CST 2005

Merijn also has CWShredder for removing CoolWwwSearch.  That might help


Cheryl Ash

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Hello all,

I have a bit of a dilemma. I believe my home computer has been hijacked
some degree).

Here are my symptoms:

	I cannot access one particular website via the internet
	Sometimes Google (my home page) is not Google, but some other
website - but the address bar say www.google.com/

I have run about 9 different spyware checkers, and anti-hijack programs

	Adaware (says I am clean)
	Spybot Search & Destroy (says I am clean)
	Spy Sweeper (says I am clean)

The other spyware programs are all over the place telling me that I have
CoolSearchWWW and PeopleonPages, various registry entries, tracking

I have run Hijack This and is looks as though any malicious items have
removed and that what is running is legitimate.

My problem is this - I am still having issues accessing the site and
Google. It is very frustrating since it is a sporadic occurrence -
I do a spyware check and delete a cookie and everything is fine. Then a
while later I am having problems again - run a spyware check and it find

What do you do when Spybot and HiJack This both tell you that your
is fine, but you are still experiencing problems? 

Any help would be appreciated.




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