[thelist] VOIP / Project Question

Chris H chris123 at magma.ca
Thu Jan 20 17:15:26 CST 2005

john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:

>> - Will the laptops work overseas or will I need special plugs?
>About ten years ago I used to do the PR for a company that sold a bag
>of bits to allow a busy European executive to connect to almost any
>hotel phone system. Every country was different. Dunno whether it
>still is, but I'd certainly expect to need different plugs. For mains
>too obviously, different frequency/voltage probably.
with the use of VOIP systems you dont connect to the local phone jack. 
All you need is an IP address and preferably broadband or ISDN 
connection. The application you run on your laptop run a variety of 
protocals but over TCIP. So connectors are not an issue other then power 
connectors which you can get any where including power convertors if 


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