[thelist] VOIP / Project Question

dwain dwain at alforddesigngroup.com
Fri Jan 21 16:10:47 CST 2005

Jeff Wilhelm wrote:

>>i talk to my sister in germany frequently using skype.  i
>>use a headset instead of a phone.  it leaves my hands
>>free to work while i talk.  best thing since sliced
>>bread; and inexpensive also.   
>So a headset can be used.
>Can it be assigned a "standard" phone number? Can calls from Sykpe be made
>PC to Phone? I think yes if I remember their site correctly; they are
>charged at like 2c per minute or something.
>Lastly, can the Skype software autodial a number? Can it import an address
>book from CSV?
the head set plugs into the computer's mic and speaker jacks.  i have 
only used the p2p connection (they didn't accept mastercard when i 
wanted to buy time).  the software can be set to ring the computer 
speakers when someone is trying to contact the skype user.

you can call pc to phone.  in the past there have been some problems 
with connections, but i think they have been resolved.

yes, the skype software can auto dial a number.  just add to the 
contacts list, double click on the name and it dials the number or 
computer connection.

i don't think the software has the capability to import address books.  
that would be a nice upgrade feature for them to consider though.

hope this helps


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