[thelist] Organising client files

Mark Groen markgroen at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 08:33:26 CST 2005

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 13:11:37 +1030, Tim Burgan <> wrote:

> How do you go about organising client files on your local computer.

I copy the live web server with a local install. On the live boxen,
the path is something like usr/home/someaccountname/public_html/ to
the html+ files.

For dev, it's C:\Apache2\home\somedomain.com\public_html\ and the
httpd.conf is set to reflect that. In my Windows hosts file, I only
enter the domain name, not the "www" and then can have a tab on the
browser pointing to www.domain.com that is live,and another that is
just http://somedomain.com which is local *at the same time*.

I also keep two Windows\hosts files, one called hostsDEV with the dev
domains in it, and another called hostsWWW that is the original file. Reason is, sometimes code in a site will reference a
uri without the www and if using the dev hosts file, will return the
local copy if Apache is on, a connection refused if not. I drop either
the DEV or WWW, using one or the other (now called hosts) depending on
what I need.

Because the live Linux box has directories between
someaccountname/public_html so does the local, and that is where I
locally keep directories called graphx, newContent, settings, etc. so
each accounts' site files are all under their someaccount name.

I keep all MG Web Services billing/time/invoicing information seperate
from the web site files and run a local spreadsheet and cross
reference that to the billing system installed on the web server,
(it's Autopilot on the server, don't trust it yet, would like Modern
Bill instead methinks).

My Documents aren't even part of the picture, keep a fairly recent
back ups of everything, (a copy on a local Linux box and another on
CD), so not worried about having to reinstall Windows and losing all.



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