[thelist] [SQL] INSERT INTO syntax

Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Mon Jan 24 07:24:38 CST 2005

By changing my field name from "date" to "eventDate" made the SQL work 
fine. It appears that the date's a keyword or something.

Thanks for pointing that out Jon. I just found that out myself too.

To find this out that I needed to change my date name was by using the 
'Mimer SQL Validator' [1].
[1] <http://developer.mimer.com/validator/>

Hope this helps someone.


|<tip type="Finding SQL Problems" author="Tim Burgan">|
|If you're having troubles with syntax errors in your SQL, there are 2 
resources that may prove valiable.|
|1. W3Schools SQL Reference
|2. Mimer SQL Validator|

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