[thelist] Web-Based Hidden Image Optimization

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Mon Jan 24 08:25:58 CST 2005


I have a feature on one of my sites that allows the user to upload an image.
However, I would also like to limit the physical width's and heights to A)
100 x 100 (small thumbnail) B) 200 x 200 (large thumbnail) C) 600 x 450
(photo gallery)...

Sure I can force a ... width="200" in the image tag, but in some cases, the
images default width is smaller thereby pixilating the image. 

Are there any "plug-ins" for what I'm trying to accomplish. Open-source or
for purchase are ok. Anything on php is preferred.

Side bar history: Digital cameras are increasingly getting better, and the
users are growing less savvy about proper image editing for web placement. I
need to counter this some how.

Rob Smith

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