[thelist] www prefix is it necessary?

Alliax damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 24 15:47:42 CST 2005

That's not true, if the web server isn't properly setup, only 
www.asite.com will work. That is more and more rare to find a site that 
doesn't work without the www. prefix, but at one point in the past I 
remember noticing many mainstream website not working without www.

It was first a convention prefix for website since you have for the same 
server a variable of prefix, like ftp.asite.com and smtp.asite.com etc.
it's easier to direct applications to the correct web service (web, ftp, 
mail, etc.) with a prefix than to determine which protocol to use for 
each request with a generic address asite.com

Rich Points wrote:
> URL's.  As far as I know all urls will work without the www.
> My question is why is this prefix used if it's not necessary?

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