[thelist] OT: Freelance gig (generating html emails, streaming audio, etc)

klute soundres9 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 24 16:23:01 CST 2005

Hello All,

A friend of mine needs is looking for someone who can
do the projects below (I don't have enough expertise
to finish this project on time). Please reply ASAP if
you have experience with this and I will relay it to
her. She is hoping to hire someone as early as by end
of day today or tomorrow. So here is what needs to be


I do have 2 new projects that i might need your help
on though.  If not you, then maybe you can recommend
someone to me.  The timing is crucial. I would need a
quote from you by end of day,today.  You can either
give me an hourly rate, and how many hours it might
take you, or you can give me a set price.  or maybe
both, depending what works.  I would also need to
quote the client how many hours it might take to do. 
anyway, here it goes:

1.  HTML/EMAIL:  i need you to create a web based app
to send out HTML/EMAIL where we can export contacts
from another program (dont know yet which).  This
application needs to be able to track those people who
have responded.  The email will link to a page that
will have a form where they can fill out.  If you have
any questions, let me know and i can call you.  

2.  STREAMING RADIO CONTENT:  here's the brief..of
course i will do all the desiging...
a.  design of new, more compelling interface for the
overall SPECTRUM Radio 

b.  Creation of versions of SPECTRUM Radio for
RealPlayer, Windows Media Player andQuickTime player.
Development of “sniffer” scripts that can detect
whichplayer users have in their browser and route them
to the correct version 

c.  Developmentof a “Media Assets” database which will
store and keep track of all filesthat have been
uploaded to the SPECTRUM Radio site. This utility
wouldinclude an upload/edit/delete function as well,
in order to easily manageaudio files for SPECTRUM
Radio – 

d.  “FastForward” or index feature that allows users
to easily click on and jump to other
selections/content that is of interest to them. It is
possible foraudio to be sorted and/or indexed based on
the subject matter users arecurrently listening to
based on indexing in the Media Assets database.

Please let me know if you can do this, rates, hours,
timeline.  Thanks James and I hope to hear from you
soon.  The client is expecting me to send them a
proposal by end of day today, so maybe you can give me
a rough estimate.



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