[thelist] need help with .asp breadcrumb script

Bruce Gilbert webguync at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 18:13:29 CST 2005

I was hoping someone could assist me with a breadcrumb script I want
to implement that can be found here:


first of all, I need to alter it, so it doesn't go as many levels
deep. Right now my server structure consist of site name and at the
root level is index.asp and parent folders. Within those parent
folders is another index.asp file representing a parent page and any
child.asp pages. The breadcrumbs script currently translates back as
home page>>site name>>parent page>>child page>>. I just want it to say
home>>parent page>>child page.

another "small" problem I am having is I get a "you are not authorized
to view this page" when clicking on a breadcrumb link to take me back
to a parent page ot the home link. Is this a problem with the server
setting, or something I need to alter in the script? I am previewing
locally on windows XP IIS. The links worked when my pages were .htm,
but after changing to .asp.

any assistance, advise,links to help me out would be greatly appreciative!

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