[thelist] (CFMX) Scheduling, Polling, Storing RSS/XML Feeds

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Mon Jan 24 20:12:54 CST 2005

Let's see if I can explain what I'd like to do, and if upon explanation
anyone has seen any custom tags (This is a ColdFusion MX solution I'm
hoping for) or any other solutions, well, that'd be ideal...

I'm going to be pulling RSS feeds for a site that I have.  Rather than
implement an iFrame or other framed solution that sometimes leaves a
site with "holes" in it or implement RSS direct from the source (only to
have the source up and die and leave the site with nothing and/or a
borked page), I'd like to be able to utilize CFSchedule, if possible, to
run a query against an RSS feed, grab the data and save it to my
database; if it times out, fails, etc. then no change to the db--seems
harmless, I hope.  Then, when a user hits the pages, the site will pull
the RSS feed from the database, thus, in a perfect world, not breaking
due to a dependence on someone else (and more likely breaking because of
some faulty development on my part).

After all of this, someone's probably going to tell me that something
like this already, easily exists and I just spent a lot of time trying
to figure out how to explain it best to the list.  And the name will
probably be some witty little 3-letter acronym and I'll feel like a
doofus, but I'll still be grateful, nonetheless.

Thanks in advance,


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