Common Practice vs Standards (was: Re: [thelist] www prefix is it necessary?)

Michael Pemberton evolt at
Tue Jan 25 00:39:00 CST 2005

Scott Dexter wrote:
>>I have found the IE starts to remove the trailing '/' on urls that
>>stored in the histroy ("" becomes 
>>"").  This, along with other people
>>following the 
>>same pattern, has resulted in more users making this a habit.
> What sucks is IIS (ver 5) does a redirect to put the trailing slash
> _back_on_. So who knows what...
> Scott

So does Apache.

This is because the HTTP protocol dictates that a directory must have a 
trailing slash.

Just because the servers are compensating for the invalid request, 
should the invalid request become the standard?

Michael Pemberton
evolt at

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