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Richard Harb rharb at earthling.net
Tue Jan 25 04:02:44 CST 2005

As long as each document provides its own Document type it's no problem at all.

If however your page includes (imports) a common header/navigation/whatever and
all you modify is parts of the final document then the final result will most
likely still be rendered in browsers however the rendering engines will be in
Quirks mode. This can result in a marginally different rendering of your page as
opposed to Standards compliance mode.


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> Hi, I am redesigning one page of a site (maybe the rest later). I'm 
> wanting to practice up on some xhtml and was wondering if it would be a 
> problem if the rest of the site is not xhtml but is html transitional. I 
> wouldn't think there would be but thought I'd ask.

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